Aviator Game Review

Aviator game is probably the most popular online casino game in the last few years. Reasons for that are many: it’s super addictive, its mechanics are smooth, and rounds are extremely short so you can just enter, make some money, cash it out and leave. It can be compared to slot games, but it is much better and more fun than those. While in slot games you have to wait for any winnings, here winnings are constant and more frequent than losses, they solely depend on you and the risk you are willing to take.
Aviator casino game by Spribe welcome bonus


What is Aviator?

Aviator is a type of casino slot game, but with a big difference from other slot games, here the winning coefficient for every round is randomly decided, and you can cash out your winnings at any point during the round.  Aviator game graphics are made simple, in the form of a flying plane with coefficients displayed in large font next to it so you are always aware of what your current winnings are. The game starts with an airplane taking off and a coefficient that starts from 1.00 that slowly raises.

Before every round, the software decides which will be the coefficient for that round, and your goal is to cash out your winnings before that coefficient is reached. Once it is reached, the round is over, and if you didn’t cash it out, you lose your stakes. Since the coefficient is randomly decided its values can be anywhere from 1.00 to infinity (or the maximum payout sum allowed by the casino).

Aviator Game Features

Aviator game features are not many, its layout and gameplay are as simple as it can get. It is not cluttered in features, and those that exist are not made to distract you but even can help you improve your winning.

  • Bet buttons – There are two buttons so you can place two bets on the same round and cash out them at different times
  • Automatic cash withdrawal – You can set either of the bet buttons to automatically cash out when the target coefficient is reached.
  • Real-time results – Results of bets are updated in real-time and you can see a list of bets that won and those that lost. You can use this feature to plan out and see what strategy is best for winning.  Besides that, you can see the biggest wins of various periods such as: day, week, month, or year. You can see the stake, winning coefficient and the amount of the money won.
  • History of ending coefficients – At all times you can see what were the ending coefficients for recent rounds and base your next bet on them. You can follow if there is some pattern and check frequencies or zones where most coefficients are located.
  • Live chat – If you need any help with strategy, or game features, or any tips in general, you can always ask other players in live chat. Also if you play for a long time you can entertain yourself while making a pause or while you are thinking of a new strategy.
  • Leaderboard – Beside live scores and winning and losing bets, you can also see the leaderboard where top 100 players are listed for various time periods, from daily leaderboard to yearly one.
  • Tournaments – Often players are invited to join tournaments where winners will get some fixed cash rewards, free bets or different prizes.
  • Demo – For those that just want to feel the taste of the game and not spend money yet, there is a demo option where you can play with virtual money and test your skills against other players. But beware – when you end up with a big profit, don’t be sad because you didn’t put real stake but you played just for fun.

Aviator game features: bet option, auto cash-out, chat, results,history,leaderboard, tournaments

How to Play Aviator Game

Aviator game mechanics are very simple, the game starts with a plane ready to take off and you have about 10 seconds to decide what amount you will bet.

  • Before the plane takes off you need to put the amount you will bet and press the bet button.
  • Once the airplane takes off coefficients will start to rise. In place of your bet button, you will get information about the total amount of money you will win in case you decide to push the button at that moment.
  • If you manage to push the cash out button before the airplane flies away, you won the amount that was on your button at the moment when you pressed it.
  • If an airplane flies away before you decide to cash out, you lose your stakes.
  • You can also set the automatic cash out at some coefficient you decided earlier. This is especially good if you decide to play on lower coefficients, for example, 1.05. For low coefficients like that one, there is very little time to react, and in the case of server lag, you can make mistakes. So better to be safe and let the computer do the work for you.
  • Since there are two bet buttons you can set up one with automatic cash out for some more safe bets, and you can use the other button to take some more risk for bigger payouts.
  • Once you press the cash out button, you can already type in the bet amount for the next round, so if you cash out earlier you have some more time to think about your next bet. On the other hand, early cash out can stress you in case a high coefficient happens, and that can have a negative impact on your next bets.

Aviator Bonuses and Promotions

Aviator bonuses and promotions are many, and here are some of them:

Aviator bonuses and promotions

  • Welcome bonus – like, in most online casinos, you will get an additional amount of money if you invest a certain amount of money when registering.
  • Deposit bonus – Every time you deposit a certain amount of money, you can get some additional money, sometimes with some limits. For example, bonus money can be cashed out only on coefficients higher than 1.50
  • Free bets – Some casinos will offer a certain amount of random free bets that will appear in chat during the day. There is a limited number of people who can claim them so you have to pay close attention and be quick to claim them. Again there will be some cashout coefficient limit set on those free bets.
  • VIP bonus – Players that play high stakes will be included in a VIP program which will unlock some additional bonuses and promotions for them.

Aviator Game Strategies

Aviator Game StrategiesSince this game requires quick thinking and huge amounts of bets placed during one playing session, players can lose their sense of wins and losses and it can lead to losing big amounts of money. That is why some simple tips and strategies should be followed in order to prevent big losses.

  • Decide how big your budget is – Don’t make your budget bigger than what you can afford to lose.
  • Don’t try to immediately cover your losses – Be patient when losing and follow your strategy, percentage of returns in this game is 97% so don’t panic because the most you can lose is 3%, of course, if you don’t start to invest randomly.
  • Decide when you want to cash out before the round – If you get carried away by seeing some high coefficients and try only to hunt them, the plane will fly away more often than not.
  • Use the automatic cash out so you don’t miss the moment – This is a good option if you are always sticking to your strategies and plans and don’t change your plans often. Also, it is a very good option if you are hunting low coefficients, because any server lag can lead to mistakes, and automatic cash-out solves that problem.
  • Keep an close eye on all bonuses and promotions – They often have limits for minimum coefficient, but if you use them wisely, for example at the moment when you would play a higher coefficient anyway, then they can bring you free profit and cover some potential losses.
  • Use the demo version to practice and test your strategies –  It is always good to put any theory to test, so use the demo version to see if you are on the right track.
  • Exchange the experiences with the other players in chat – Especially when you start your daily betting, you can ask those that are already playing for some time if there are some patterns noticed, or is there something to avoid. Maybe that day was a day with more streaks of low or high odds, and it is needed to pay attention to it.

Where to Play Aviator

Aviator games can be played on most casino and betting sites, but search a bit for the safest ones and those that give more free offers, such as Brazzino ( https://brazino777.com). It is important to play in casinos where you can use different types of payment for depositing, and where withdrawal of the money is easy.


The Biggest Wins on Aviator Game

The biggest wins in the Aviator game are always possible to check in-game leaderboards for various periods. In theory, the coefficient can be anything from 1.00 to 1000000.00, so if you are patient enough you can maybe become a millionaire. Stakes allowed are from 0.1$ to 100$, so with larger stakes, you can make some nice winnings already with coefficients of 10.00 and more.

The Biggest Wins on Aviator Game

Games Similar to Aviator

Since Aviator gained so much popularity in the last few years it was inevitable for clones to appear. Here are the top 5 games similar to it:

  • Rocketon – Rocketeon is made by the company Digitain, and it is a betting game where you place your bet before the rocket launches, after the launch you watch the rocket lift off and coefficients grow similar to the Aviator. You can cash out at any time before the rocket explodes, and the more you wait, the bigger your winnings will be. The distribution of the coefficients is fair, as verified by independently written codes for checking the randomness of winnings, so you don’t need to worry about fairness.
  • JetX – JetX was created by SmartSoft Gaming, and it is a game similar to Aviator. The goal is to fly the little Jet/Plane and to cash out before the plane crashes. Coefficients are created by Random Number Generator and therefore the game is completely fair and fully depends on your readiness to take higher or smaller risks. It has very nice retro graphics reminiscent of 80s plane flying games.
  • Spaceman – Spaceman is the game by PragmaticPlay and consists of RTP for this game is 96.5% which is again a very fair RTP and if playing smart and not making huge risks you won’t make big losses. It has just a slightly lower RTP compared to Aviator. The maximum coefficient that you can win is 5000.00. Also, there is one neat option that other crash games don’t have and that is the double auto button – one for 50% cashout and the other for final cashout. So if you activate both buttons and you invest 100$ once the 50% limit is hit you will cash out the coefficient that you set for it for 50$ of your stake, and the other 50$ will stay in play until the second limit is hit.
  • Zeppelin – The offer from the company Betsolutions, revolves around the zeppelin flight. You can place a bet before the zeppelin starts its flight, and you can cash out money at any point before the zeppelin explodes. This is a very similar game to Aviator, so the layout and all controls will be familiar to experienced Aviator players. The difference is that you can place only one bet and not two. There is an automatic cash-out option, for those who don’t want to take risks and miss the moment they planned. You can also chat with other players and relax a bit while you play or while you take a rest to observe the situation. You also have nicely displayed statistics about current and past winnings from other players as well as from you.
  • SpaceXY – From company BGaming is a simple crash game where you fly a pretty glowing rocket that is about to explode when it reaches a random coefficient. It is very similar to Aviator and doesn’t have any additional features. You can also play games in demo mode just for fun. The RTP of this game is similar to Aviator and is 97%, while the maximum coefficient set is 10000.00.

Aviator Hack and Signals

Aviator Hack and Signals are the two applications that claim to be able to predict the outcome of the Aviator game. Since all the information online about those is not coming from any trusted source, we advise you to stay away from apps like these. Especially don’t install these types of apps on devices that you use for any sort of payment or online casinos and betting. You never know what kind of malware is coming with them and it is highly risky to do that.


  • What is the maximum win on Aviator?  Maximum payout always depends on your stake and also on the casino you are playing in, but the coefficients that the game offers are from 1.00 to 1000000.00 so in any case, you can make huge payouts even with winning a single round.
  • What are the minimum and maximum bets in Aviator? The minimum bet is usually equivalent to 0.1$ and the maximum bet is 100$.
  • What device can I use to play Aviator game? Aviator game is available for both mobile devices and PC and you can play it on every casino site that your devices support.
  • What is the double bet option? Aviator game has a double bet option which means you can place two different stakes on two different coefficients for every flight. It is highly desirable to use automatic cash out for this because hitting two buttons quickly can lead to mistakes.

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