Aviator Hack: Is it Real?

Is the Aviator hack real? In short: no. Let us explain further why you should stay away from apps like this. 

Lack of information online and on any trusted site is for sure a red flag. If someone made some mathematical model and AI prediction system for any app, that would need a lot of programming and calculations. For that big team/company is needed, and do you think that someone who developed such a thing and invested time and money in it, would promote themselves in Facebook groups or in shady blog sites?

If you ever checked videos of people using their Aviator hack apps, you would notice that most of them consisted of pasted screenshots of phones screen over the video with them playing aviator but not betting money. It is obvious that they pre recorded videos, saw coefficients and just made fake phone calculation videos to paste over the video. Why wouldn’t they prove efficiency by always guessing right instead of showing us just a plane flying away?
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What is Aviator Hack?

Aviator Hack is an app for the phone that is usually promoted by word of mouth in various forums, blogs, Facebook groups, etc. It is always coming in the form of an apk file that you have to install manually on your phone. So it is never appearing in any store or anywhere official, and that is really the first reason you should be worried about it. Would you ever install some random apk file in your phone where you most likely store a lot of personal and maybe even financial information? 

Where Can you Find Aviator Predictor App

Finding an Aviator predictor app is not so easy because of too many frauds most older links would be dead. So once you find a channel or group where you can actually find someone who offers you the Aviator Hack app he will offer you a free version that is not so precise and a premium version that has 100% accuracy. Since we already know that the RTP of these games is 97% – it means that if we just play over and over on the same coefficient and the same stakes – we would win 97% of our money back. So even if he gives you any random number generator disguised as an Aviator hack, you would think: Ok if this free app made me lose just 3% of the money, then surely a more precise app will make me win money. Except for the fact that a more precise app doesn’t exist and once you send him money, he won’t answer ever again. 

Another option is that if someone asks you for money right away to get the app, you will probably end up again with that same app that just drops out a random number pretending that it is predicting the result. 

Bottom line is – if you need to pay for an app like that, don’t do it because you will be sending money to some crypto account that can’t be tracked or you will give your credit card info to someone you don’t even know. If the app is free – you don’t know what kind of malware or spyware is coming with it. 

Can it Really Predict Results

Since Aviator and similar games are pretty open about the methods they use in creating coefficients, and that is mostly just a simple random number generator it is absolutely impossible to predict the number that will come next. You can make or use another random generator but the chances to get the same number as in the Aviator game are the same as if you just imagine any random number and use it. The whole point of making any random number generator is making it so that nothing influences its result but that numbers are chosen totally by accident. 

Also just use your common sense, if there is really an app of this kind, how would Aviator games and casinos still function? Even a few people with something that can predict any casino game would push the casino into bankruptcy very quickly. It is simply impossible to guess a random number especially if it is a number between 1 and 1000000. It is even impossible for an app to calculate the next number on a die – and that is just numbers 1-6. Not only that – nobody can even predict which side the coin will land on, and there are just two sides. 

Is Aviator Bot Safe for Using?

We can’t say if every Aviator Hack app out there is safe to use or not, maybe some are made as random number generators so the creators can get money for it. If that is the case, the app would be safe, but useless, since it will just give you random numbers. That would be the best option because you would just lose your money once without exposing yourself to some more risk. The worst scenario is that the app is also filled with spyware that will try to get access to your bank accounts and similar stuff and that is something that you surely don’t want to happen.

The only safe way of using apps offered by strangers on the internet is not using those apps at all.


Pros and Cons of Using Aviator Hack Bots and Apps

Pros of using this kind of apps are not many, actually, there is just one: 

  • You will get a lesson that you should never trust strangers and that there is no shortcut to becoming rich.

Cons are many but the main ones are: 

  • You will spend your hard-earned money on something that is essentially useless
  • You expose your data to app of unknown origin without knowing what is coming along with it
  • You will be more confident in betting your money while using something that is not doing anything and that can lead you to throw away huge sums of money believing that you can’t lose
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