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Aviator game alternatives had to appear due to the incredible popularity of the original Aviator game. Most of them are built on a similar basis, where every round gets assigned a random coefficient (multiplier) that you can cash out before the counter reaches that number. Since they are all based on random number generators they are as fair as they can be, and the only edge that a casino has over the players is a built-in percentage, usually around 3%. That 3% are executed through a bit skewed distribution for low multipliers, for example, there will be slightly more of them in the range of 1.00-1.04, than it should be if the true statistical distribution is used.
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Top 6 Aviator Game Alternatives

World of slot games is very competitive, so every casino wants to have something as popular as Aviator. Some decide to just buy the rights to use the original game and some employ software companies to create something similar because they noticed things could be improved and more fun for players. Sometimes even players themselves get tired of the game they originally played, and just want to try out something similar.

So here are some of the most popular Aviator alternatives:

  • Space XY
  • Spaceman
  • JetX
  • Lucky Jet
  • Zeppelin
  • RocketOn

Space XY

Space XY is an Aviator clone game made by BGaming and it is putting a player in the role of the astronaut in a rocket that is about to explode. Your goal is to leave the rocket before the explosion happens. If you fail to do it you will lose your bet, and if you successfully manage to evacuate yourself you get your money multiplied by the multiplier that happened in the moment of leaving the rocket. In Space XY it is also possible to place two bets simultaneously which you can cash out at different moments.

That opens more space to develop new strategies and make some safe winnings, and soften losses when they happen. There is also an autoplay function where you can set the bets and the number of rounds you want to be automatically played. That is a very neat function because you can just let it work in the background if you have something that you have to do, without worrying that it will work too long and deplete your budget. RTP for this game is also 97% which makes it similar to an Aviator, with the maximum multiplier somewhat lower, and set to 10000.00.

Space XY casino crash game


Spaceman is a game similar to the Aviator game by the company Pragmatic Play. The game screen is a bit busier with flying saucers, stars, and animations and it can run a little slower on older machines, so if you have an older computer test it first in demo mode if it is smooth enough. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you lose your stakes just because some lag happens or the game is stuck at some point because of your computer. This game has one great feature not seen in other games which you should definitely try if you like to play safer and long-term strategies.

Namely, Spaceman is offering you a 50% cash-out option, which means at any point of the game you can cash out 50% of the winning and leave the other half of the stake in play for some larger multiplier. Spaceman RTP is 96.5% and it is created on a totally fair engine, and developers made sure you can check every round yourself because the string with the encrypted result is revealed after every round. So those that suspect the fairness of the game can check it themselves. The maximum multiplier that the game offers is 5000.00 which is slightly lower than the other similar games but still can bring you huge amounts of money.

Spaceman casino crash game


JetX is a slot game created by SmartSoft Gaming. It is very similar to the Aviator game, with slightly nicer retro graphics, and with a goal to catapult your pilots from the plane before it explodes. Players can plate two simultaneous bets on one jet flight, and the difference in this game is that bets allowed are from 0.1$ to 300$ which makes it perfect for players that want to play the Martingale system because it gives them more space to recover in case of long losing streaks. Multipliers in this game are up to 1000000.00 so you can reach some incredible payouts even if very low stakes are put.

It seems that the game is not made on a previously decided random number, but every 1/7th of the second game increases the multiplier by 1% and at the same time has a 1% chance to explode. So basically the game is functioning in 1/7th second steps where at every step it is randomly decided if an explosion will happen or a plane is proceeding further. This system opens maybe some new possibilities for the players that base their strategies on math calculations to find some way and win the game consistently.

jetx casino crash game

Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet is one of the new clones of the Aviator game that starts to gain big popularity. It is made by a relatively young company, Gaming Corps, and revolves around a guy flying with his jetpack around. Your goal is to cash your money out before he flies away. The maximum multiplier for this game is 5072.00 and developers are claiming a totally fair choice of multipliers for every round. They also offer the option of personally checking the game log after each round, and all the previous logs on their website.

So if some players are sure that they have a winning strategy, and that they failed only because games are rigged, here is their chance to check their strategy in a game that doesn’t hide the way their multipliers are created. Again the minimum bet is 0.1$ and the maximum is 100$, so you have a big enough range for playing any of the exponential strategies whether you wanna play Martingale, reverse Martingale, or use the Fibonacci sequence to make your bets. Multipliers of 100.00 and more are happening every 60-90 minutes as the developer claims, so you can simply wait for one of them, wait for one hour and then start playing – and, who knows, you might get lucky.

Lucky Jet casino crash game


Zeppelin is the Aviator-like game produced by Betsolutions. It has very pretty and simple graphics, not very cluttered with stuff moving on screen so you can nicely focus on your goal and cash out at the right moment. The game starts with a time to place one or two bets, and then a yellow Zeppelin takes off. While it is climbing, multipliers are also growing and your goal is to cash out one or both bets before the zeppelin bursts into flames.

You can also reduce the time you spend on this game by setting up an auto cash-out option, or even an autoplay option where you can set up the number of rounds you want to be played, the amount of bet, and also the win or loss limits. So even if you are not in front of the screen you can be sure that the game will stop if your desired profit is achieved. This option is also good because it prevents draining of your account to zero in case of long losing streaks because it will automatically stop when your minimum amount is reached.

zeppelin casino crash game


RocketOn is one of the freshest games similar to Aviator on the market, made by the company Digitain. This time we have less cartoonish graphics since developers have decided on a more detailed approach to the main object in the game. Rocket, that game revolves around, is incredibly detailed looking and it is a real pleasure to play even if you are not so serious about betting.

The goal of the game is to leave the rocket at any point after the liftoff and avoid being caught by an explosion. The money that you are earning is calculated by the multiplier that was on the screen the moment you cash out. There is an option to place two bets on the same rocket flight and make some different strategies by doing so. Claimed RTP of this game is 97% which is similar to most of the crash games on the market.


Why Are Aviator and Similar Games so Popular?

Aviator games and games similar to Aviator are very popular and always growing in popularity simply because they are based on fair mathematical probabilities so players can feel safe while betting their money on them. What makes people especially comfortable is the fact that all the game data and statistics are always openly displayed by the developers, with some even offering their game logs for everyone to check if suspicious.

Another thing that helps the popularity is their incredible simplicity and total control of the players on the outcome of the game. It is not like sports betting where you are depending on someone else’s effort, but it is purely depending on your actions and decisions. The last thing, but maybe equally important, is the fact that rounds are quick and you can quickly test any strategy you have in mind. But like with any other betting game, always be careful about the budget you plan to use on these games, never bet more than you can afford to lose. Don’t forget, the main goal is to have fun and enjoy!

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