How to Win on Aviator: Top 5 Strategies

How to win on Aviator is something that everyone who plays wants to know but first, you have to decide what you want from Aviator. Do you want to make millions in five minutes, or to make slow but steady progress in the long term?  If you want quick and big winnings then you shouldn’t read about strategies, but just try your luck and if lucky maybe you will hit that high coefficient before your funds are depleted.
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On the other hand, if your goal is to make some steady additional income, that is a bit more possible but you need patience for that. You have to be aware that this is a very complicated system, disguised as a simple game. It is based on a random number generator, but also this algorithm has to have some edge for the casino implemented in itself, for Aviator RTP (money returned to players) is 97%. That means casinos will always make a profit of 3% from people playing it. That doesn’t mean that everyone is losing, but means that some players are winning and slightly more players are losing, so let’s observe strategies that will keep us on the winning side.

Win Big With These 5 Strategies

There are many strategies to win on Aviator that claim to guarantee to win, so we will try to narrow the choices to a few of them that we consider best.

  • Low-Risk Strategy
  • Medium Risk Strategy
  • High-Risk Strategy
  • Two concurrent bids Strategy
  • Using Other Betting Systems

Before we make a detailed description of all of these, we have to warn you that if everyone starts using the same winning strategy, it will cause the algorithm to adapt to a new situation and surely you will also have to adapt to new circumstances. Always keep in mind that being static and not learning new things along the way will lead you to losses, so always be adaptive and ready to pick up new knowledge.

Low-Risk Strategy

Low-Risk Strategy for AviatorLow-risk strategy for Aviator is a strategy that won’t win you a big amount in one round but will keep you afloat for a long time. There is a very low chance that losing streaks would be so long to make you lose everything if you follow this strategy and you don’t stray away from it. The Key is to use the coefficients from 1.20 to 1.30 and to keep your bets small. Keeping small bets that are from 1-5% of your Aviator budget assure you have a lot of space for losing streaks. If you always bet 1% of your budget you can handle losing streaks that are even 100 rounds long before you deplete your budget. With 5% used for a stake, you can handle losing streaks of 20 rounds. Always keep in mind this: Once you start this strategy, you have to always use the same stakes and hunt the same coefficients, if you want the strategy to work. Once you put some big stake or you feel you wanna hunt some big multipliers, you strayed away from strategy and nobody can guarantee you a win.

Medium Risk Strategy

Medium Risk Strategy for AviatorMedium risk strategy for Aviator is not for everyone, because you need to have a decent amount of money in your account for it to work. In this strategy, you will try to play on coefficients in the range of 2.00 to 3.00, and the chances for coefficients bigger than 2.00 to happen is around 40-42% so keep that in mind because it means that you win 4 rounds out of 10.

The real mathematical probability of that event happening should be 50%, but that difference between 50% and 40% is where the casino is making money, and you have to outsmart them if you want to win the money.

You will have to closely follow the history of coefficients dropped and wait for long streaks of super-small coefficients to end. The game is usually dropping coefficients between 1.00 and 1.04 occasionally in order to keep the casino winning, and that is why you have to wait for two of those coefficients to happen in a row and then to try and play for your 2.00 coefficient.

High-Risk Strategy

High-Risk Strategy for AviatorIf you want to make big wins on Aviator quickly because you don’t have the patience for long-term strategies, there is one risky strategy that could be for you. People noticed that the game is dropping coefficients bigger than 100.00 once in an hour and a half, so you can try to hunt those. You should first wait for one of those big coefficients to occur, then wait for an hour and a half, and if no 100.00 coefficient happens until then – you can start betting. Be aware that you will have to play every round from that moment and try and wait for that big coefficient. Also, you will have to have a big enough budget so you can sustain the streak of losses that will happen while you are waiting. Also, the key to this strategy is – don’t panic, if you already decided to play something with such a high risk, you have to accept the fact that a lot of losses will happen before you win big.

Two Concurrent Bids Strategy

Aviator Game StrategiesAviator game is offering the possibility of making two bids for the same flight, and you can use some more refined strategies with it. For example, it would be a good idea to play a combination of the low-risk strategy and medium-risk strategy. You can set one bid for coefficients around 1.20-1.30 and the second one for coefficients in the range of 2.00-3.00.

Never forget the most important thing: always wait for two ultra-small coefficients (1.00 to 1.04) to happen in a row, and after it happens you can start your playing. Once you notice that some big coefficient happened, you should step away from bidding until those two small coefficients happen again, and only then proceed with playing.

Using Other Betting Systems

There are some strategies used in other casino games, especially roulette and similar, but they are sometimes forbidden in casinos. You can try them in Aviator, but first, check the terms and conditions of the online casino you are playing on if they are explicitly forbidden. The most popular one is Martingale strategy, and it has two variations:

    • Martingale strategy for Aviator – The idea behind this strategy is to survive through losing streaks and once they end and you win the round you cover all of the losses that happened in the streak. You do this by always doubling your stake and playing the coefficient of 2.00. For this, to work you have to have enough money to survive losing streaks of 8 rounds at least. 

Example: Your budget is 150$ and you bet 1$ on your first round, a second round will be 2$, 3rd round is 4$, 4th is 8$, 5th is 16$, 6th is 32$, 7th is 64$. If you win the 7th round you won a total of 128$ and the sum of all stakes was 127$, which makes your profit 1$. It doesn’t seem much but be aware that you lost 6 rounds and still made a profit. Also, you have to be aware that the probability of 2.00 happening in Aviator is around 40% so it will happen in 4 out of 10 rounds, and it is a very rare situation where you will have 6 consecutive losses.

Also, it is good to mention that winning at any round will always leave you with a profit of 1$ and after every winning, you have to go back to your base stake and start the process again. Maybe this strategy seems slow, but the worst-case scenario is to make 900 rounds to double your budget with very low risk involved.

  • Reverse Martingale strategy for Aviator It is pretty similar to a regular Martingale strategy but it is adjusted to soften the losses and amplify the winning. What you will do in this strategy is double the stake after every won round and halve the stake after every loss. That will make better use of your winning streaks and slow down your losing streaks and will secure you more time to play and enjoy while improving your chances to slowly win some money.


What is the Most Profitable Betting Strategy

Most profitable betting strategy for Aviator game has no one unique answer. It all depends on the amount of money you can invest in it, on your patience, and on the time you have available to play Aviator. You have all of those covered in part of the article with top 5 Aviator strategies, but here we will break down some universal rules you should follow with any of these strategies:

  • Pay attention on rounds when most players won – It is most likely that after rounds where many have won that game will drop some lower coefficients and cover that loss, so make a pause until some streaks of low coefficients pass
  • Play after you see two consecutive low coefficients 1.00 – 1.04 – Mathematical probability for two low coefficients like those to happen is  under 0.02% but in Aviator it will happen more often because the algorithm is made in a way to make some profit for the casino. That is why you should wait for two of them to happen and then proceed with your chosen strategy. If you jump back in the game after just one low one, you will surely lose sooner or later.
  • Don’t make big deviations from strategy – Never do emotional reactions after winning or losing streaks, both of them can motivate people to make big stakes. If they are winning they feel like they can’t lose and will bet big money to make quick profits, and if they are in losing streaks they will bet a big amount to cover losses all at once. Both of those will just make such a big deviation in your long term playing that you will most probably lose in the long term.
  • Be patient – No strategy will make you a millionaire in a day or week, you have to work for it and enlarge your budget slowly without any rushing.

Budget has to be only the amount you can afford to lose – I know we always mention that, but it is important to always repeat it. Betting should be fun and you have to approach it that way. Once it starts to rule your life and make too much impact on it instead of just having fun, it is time to search for professional help.

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