Aviator Signals

Aviator Signals is a name for not only one but a system of scams that are disguised as a hack for the Aviator game. It is usually distributed through Telegram channels and offers sure winnings in the Aviator game. Needless to say, none of these work, and all of them are even dangerous, some more and some less. The common thing between all of them is that they are promising correct predictions for some rounds of Aviator, they don’t even claim how they come to results, not even making an app like they do in the case of the Aviator Hack app. It is purely a promise made by some mysterious Telegram channel that claims that in exchange for money they will give you true predictions.
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What are the Aviator Signals?

Aviator signals is a common name for predictions for the Aviator game that you would get if you pay and subscribe to Telegram channels or any other way of contact but always anonymous ones. Does some fresh Aviator Signal offer I found claim accuracy of 97% – sounds familiar? Yes, 97% is the RTP (money returned to players from the casino), meaning that if you play totally random or the same coefficient all of the time, you would win back 97% of your money anyway, because the casino profit is 3% on these. So they basically will offer you just a random number and tell you it will happen at some moment.

Usually, that moment is not very precise – they will send you a Telegram message saying: Coefficient higher than 10.00 will happen after 11 AM CET. Of course, it will happen in that gap of 10 minutes around some hour because it is the frequency of that coefficient happening anyway. Just do the math simply – Aviator is more or less an even money game, so a 10.00 coefficient will happen every 10-15 rounds which is just a few minutes period. That is why many people don’t feel scammed because they see the result that they were promised in approximately the promised time.

Very often you will have very poorly made videos on Youtube that show how successful their offer is, but notice one thing, there are never live streams of it. It is always a prerecorded video of someone just guessing the coefficient or winning some money. There is never any proof that they really did it after the prediction. Sometimes they will also add a screenshot of their phone screen to make people believe there was actually a prediction, but all of that is so poorly made that it is impossible to believe.

Where Can You Find Aviator Signals?

You can find them (but please don’t search for them, we did the research for you and they don’t work) by simply searching Aviator Signals in Google. Since it is a huge scam network, and a very obvious one, most of the links will be dead so you would have to find fresh ones. Most often they will offer you to join some Telegram channel where they will provide you with predictions. You probably find this familiar from football betting, there are many Telegram channels that will offer you leaked information about some games that are fixed.

You will notice that people that offer this will never use real phone numbers, but always apps that are using just usernames and often those apps that make it impossible to track the real person behind the account. Payment would be often made in crypto, another sure way to know that someone doesn’t want his real identity to be found out. That is a huge red flag always, why would someone who is an honest seller hide his identity?


Do Aviator Signals Really Work?

No need to beat around the bush here, there is no application or prediction that will give you a winning coefficient. It is simply impossible because the system used by casinos is a fair system in general – they really pick up random numbers and they don’t need to cheat because they anyway win all of the bids that happen when coefficient 1.00 happens. That is where they make the money and they don’t want to risk their reputation by making some algorithm that would scam the players because that would be exposed pretty quickly and they would lose all the players. Since the whole system is fair, claiming to have the prediction of numbers in Aviator is the same as claiming to know which numbers will come out in Bingo or the lottery.

So our sincere advice is, never pay for predictions or apps that are not approved by some big trusted source or company, never make transactions with strangers, and don’t search for ways to hack the system. Just enjoy what the game is offering to you, and don’t destroy your life and finances because of it.

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